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The symbolic meaning of the beetle, Egyptians’ holy creature, means “a new rebirth”: Scarabeo Film Production had its origin from Alessandra Stefani’s project in 2019.

The first feature-length documentary produced by Scarabeo is The Arch. (2020; 104 m.), directed by Alessandra Stefani. It is the journey of a modern traveler through four continents, engaging architects committed to redesigning our future. The Arch. featured in the official selection of the Milano Design Film Festival 2020 (Milan, Italy); it was selected in the Architecture and Design Film Festival 2020, New York; it was nominated for Best Documentary, Best Music/Sound Design, and Best Film at the Milan International Film Festival Awards 2020.

The second documentary produced by Scarabeo Entertainment and directed by Alessandra Stefani is "La moda del Liscio" (2021), the film portraits the local folk scene of the Liscio Romagnolo through the last day of glory of crooner Giacomo Gherardelli, musician and comedian, poised between decadence and desire to survive. The film features clips from film archives (Rai, Luce, and Home Movies) and stages through interviews the memories of people who have never stopped singing and dancing.

The film was selected among the winning projects of a Call for funding by the Emilia Romagna Film Commission; it was shot following the "Green Film" protocol, in line with the philosophy of Scarabeo Entertainment, sensitive and attentive to environmental sustainability.

"La moda del Liscio" had its national première at the Bellaria Film Festival, it was selected by the Festival Mente Locale that assigned to the film the Segretariato regionale MIC Emilia-Romagna and the Italian Touring Club special mentions and won the Doc/it Professional Award for Green Production.


In December 2022, Scarabeo Entertainment has completed the post-production of its third feature film, “Mycelia”, written and directed by Alessandra Stefani. It’s a dark fairy tale shot in the ancients woods of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines by a young dutch-italian crew.


Scarabeo Entertainment was hosted by Torino FIlm Lab, where the Scarabeo award for post-production has been assigned to Alpi Film Lab’s winner project, “Les Héros Américains” directed by Sophie Beaulieu and produced by Camille Genaud. The 12.000 euro grant consists in the use of editing and color grading rooms located in the Cineporto that will be at the film production disposal.

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