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Mycelia (2022)

A production by Scarabeo Entertainment


A Feature Film by Alessandra Stefani.

The solitary Alberto, an avid mushrooms hunter, meets Mycelia, a mysterious and wild creature with the semblance of a nymph. The two see each other in the autumnal fog of the ancient woods, they seek each other out, they gently touch each other, then they run away again to find each other time and again: Mycelia belongs to a hidden order, the undergrowth of the woods, the mycelium...


Alberto wants to make Mycelia his woman, he challenges Mycelia’s fate, for nymphs are forbidden to betray the woods and choose the love of humans.


Hyperrealism and the supernatural mix and merge in this dark fairy tale that seems to treasure a secret that shuns human limits and understanding, that spills out of the archaic, from the dark of the woods.

GENRE: Fantasy, Experimental

RUNTIME: 75 Minutes

DIRECTOR: Alessandra Stefani


Alberto Castagnetti, Dacia Manto, Laura Pizzirani, Dacia Dacun & Rachele Studer

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